Heaven bless those hands
Whose mature brains
Zest and thick hands,
From nursery to boarding school
Guided my hands to steady hold
The pen
To bring out beauty from the scratch
And to picture life from the start
To nice and mournful endings
To sad and happy memories
To a world bound to be boundless
Where the benediction comes before
The opening prayer
And diversity is found in unity.

Heaven bless those hands
That taught me how to write.



Jane was walking home briskly, happy about the promises Tom her boyfriend made her. He promised to take her shopping, take her on a trip outside the country and later on marry her. All these filled her thoughts that she didn’t notice those staring at her as she was walking stylishly.
Jane a second year student at the prestigious Prince Rowland University, is the cynosure of eyes of all those who’ve seen her. This is because of her ravishing beauty; she has a slim stature, long, black and silky hair, a light brown sun tanned skin complexion, a set of white teeth, and a pair of lovely legs and in general, a wonderful body which make people wonder whether God created her on a Sunday. It is of no doubt that her gorgeousness adds to her apparent pride and waywardness. She exploited her immense potentials.
As Jane got home she was so engulfed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice her mother sitting at the door looking apprehensive, as Jane was about to use the door knob she was revived into consciousness by her mother.
‘’You’ll not kill me ooh, you will not!!’’, shouted Mrs. Peters, Jane’s Mom. “You are not my only child, I have other children …, by the way, where are you even coming from?’’
Jane stood at the door staring defiantly at her mother not uttering a word. This is not the first time she will be in this kind of situation or hear this kind of reprove; it has become a norm for her, to Jane she’s living her life and she doesn’t have to explain anything to anybody, if she can’t enjoy her life her way, how else on earth would she?
“Are you deaf, can’t you answer my question?’’ said Jane’s mom looking sternly and almost slapping her daughter. After some seconds she heaved a sign and said ‘’ look, if I had lived my life the way you’re living now, I would have ended up in a mess, I was once your age and I didn’t despise my youth. Remember, as you lay your bed you’ll lie on it.’’
After finishing her statement, she left her unrepentant daughter and went to the kitchen. Jane tried to dispel all what her mother said and left the door for her room. Jane, the first of three children born to the Peters, a well brought up girl who never suffered anything due to the circumstance of her birth. Jane was born after six years of marriage, she was their miracle child and being a girl she was an egg to her father. Though she was well brought up, she became a bone of contention to her parents due to her carefree and wayward attitude.
Jane didn’t grow up like that; she was very obedient, nice and kind when she was in junior secondary school. Due to her well-behaved person and her academic brilliance she was dear to many a teacher of hers. Her friend at that time was Chidi, they became friends in primary school but later separated in SS1 due to Jane’s new behavior. Jane got a new friend who totally changed her life from good to bad, her name was Natasha but she preferred to be called `Tasha’. Natasha was the daughter of a rich business tycoon who was always on one trip or the other; he was never free or at home. Tasha’s mother was a high society woman who owned a boutique and jewelry store. She takes interest in dating young university guys who could be called `gigolo’. Tasha’s family was a compact one as there were only three kids; Tasha’s elder brother named James but preferred to be called Jamie, then Tasha, who was the middle child, and lastly Princess, the family’s last born. These kids never really got their parent’s attention; their parent had the notion that as long as they have food, money and clothing they are okay. Little wonder, they became desperados in their little ways; Jamie was a drug addict and cultist in the university, Tasha was a high class girl who rolled with men as old as her father and in furtherance, she was known in almost every night club in town, she’s in short a social and high class lady. Princess is closely following her sister’s ways. The Chukwus were one strange family.
“Hello’’, Tasha said on the phone.
“Hey Tasha, whats up’’, Jane replied.
“Cool as ever girlfriend’’.
“I envy you, really do envy you’’
“What is with you baby girl? You’re sounding strange’’.
“I had a scene with my mom again’’.
“Your mama is one big problem, alright girl, I just wanna tell you about a party coming up at the beach this Friday, it’s a party you wouldn’t wanna miss, it won’t be long, just like seven to nine, that’s all.
“Okay, I’ll be there, thanks for telling me’’
“Tell Tom also’’
“ Okay thanks, bye’’.
Within seconds, Jane forgot about her mother and all what she said, her mind was now totally fantasizing about the party that was going to come up the next day. She wasn’t even thinking about an alibi she would put up for her mother. Jane’s family was a good one though a little bit faulty on the parental side; her father was working in another state while her mother was the only one taking care of the home. She was easily influenced into being corrupt by her friend.
When Jane and Tasha first met, it was in SS1, Tasha just crossed from her former school. That day, she borrowed Jane’s novel and on return, Jane saw a novel she loved with her, so Jane borrowed it from her. Thus, they started exchanging novels and consequently became friends. They started going to Tasha’s house together. They became so close that Tasha started inviting her to parties; she started with birthday parties, and then moved on to higher categories through the help of her friend. Not that partying is bad, it became part of her lifestyle, she was always itching to be at parties; therefore every opportunity was always maximized.
On the day of the party, Jane has been sorting and trying on clothes she’d put on, she was looking for the sexiest and the most stylish of all her collections. After picking out a short black gown over a pair of a very expensive red high-heeled shoe, she was set for the party. She packed the cloth and shoes into a polythene bag, and luckily, her mother wasn’t at home. She left the house to Tasha’s place.
On getting to Tasha’s, she met Tasha preparing for the party, her brother’s friend was the one throwing the party, so she’s riding along with Jane in her brother’s car. At exactly ten minutes to seven pm, the trio hit the road, since the Chukwus’ mansion was on the island, it didn’t take them long to get to the beach, it was almost dark but the lively atmosphere made it seem as if it was afternoon.
The party was indeed spectacular as Tasha put it; it was one Jane wouldn’t want to miss. The D.J was dishing out the latest and best of fast beat hip-hop dance hall music, the atmosphere was tense and different dancing styles were performed by the participants in their dance. Some guys and ladies were smoking cigarettes and puffing out smoke like chimneys, cars were parked around to add up to the richness of the party. At the serving point, different sorts of imported alcoholic drinks were served generously and the suya were almost wasting as it was much. The guys at the party weren’t dull as they danced with different girls especially from behind.
After dancing for a while with a guy, she decided to catch some air and get soma suya. Jane didn’t expect to see Tom at the party as she forgot to tell him, but on sighting him, she was little bit surprised. Tom was standing in front of his car, with a wrap of marijuana between his fingers on one hand, a bottle of brandy on the other and a girl leaning close to him, she saw him and the girl kissing rapidly; he was high. There Jane felt dejected; she couldn’t walk up to him and challenge him, even though she gave him her virginity, she saw all the unfulfilled promises he made her slip away, she never thought the man who promised her the world would turn out like this.
Jane slowly left the dancing area to the entrance, she had had enough she was going home. She saw Tasha dancing lustily with one of her brother’s friends who happened to be the organizer of the party. She decided not to tell her she was going home. As she made for the entrance she saw four guys snuffing a white substance placed on the bonnet of a car. Jane was frightened as the looks of these guys were terrifying. As she was trying to go back, she was noticed and they caught her in no time. She was taken to the car, and held by two guys at the back, the car drove a short distance to a place, she was dragged out of the car and pinned to the ground by two guys and another guy covered her mouth, her gown was pushed up and her panties was drawn down, she mounted all the resistance she could, but she felt someone forcefully thrust inside her, pushing in and out, the four guys all took turns on her till she became unconscious.
Meanwhile, someone not far away witnessed this gory scene and called the police. As the guys were about to get into their cars they were surrounded by the police and were arrested.
Jane was rushed to the hospital where she remained unconscious for a week, her parents were contacted and they rushed to see their princess.
After a week, Jane regained consciousness; she slowly opened her eyes to see beside her the person that called the police and apparently saved her life. She slowly opened her eyes to see Chidi sitting beside her bed.
Jane spent two more weeks at the hospital and luckily for her she didn’t get pregnant because she was in her safe period when the incident occurred and more luckily, she didn’t contact any STD, she was indeed lucky. She and Chidi became close friends again with their friendship tighter than before.
Tasha wasn’t that lucky that night as she was raped by ten guys and consequently gave up the ghost. Jamie was among the guys who raped Jane, he was sent to prison with his partners. Tom didn’t make it to the next morning after the party, as he had an accident; an head on collision with a truck. He was drunk-driving with the girl he was with at the party, he was diving to his house when the accident occurred, he didn’t survive it, the girl he was with did, but she was condemned for life to the wheel chair as her spinal cord got broken.
The party was really one to be remembered.


For no just cause, the death of many caused,
Multitudes starved because of a towering ego,
Battle-worthy soldiers marched to the firing squad,
Both the victor and the vanquished exchanged bullets,
But the bullets pierced into the cotton clothes
The vanquished used as uniform. Death is cold,
So also its tool.

Intellectuals and able bodied men are sent to early graves,
Genii wasted!
Pot-bellied children with bulging ribs now roam the streets
Fried lizards and cockroaches are now eaten as food.
Bunkers are now the new resting place.

God, hide not thy face from us.
Thousands run to the cathedral,
But the roof of the cathedral has been blown off.
The life in a coal mine is much as hungry men
Trudge to the graves.
When the free man is dying of hunger, the
Man in prison for no just cause prays for death.
The war,
What could have been settled with words…